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What we do

At Rook & Wren, we help businesses develop their approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. More than that, we're here to help create and share the stories behind the commitment.

What's the story behind the name?

Naming your business is always tricky, and I knew it had to be personal, engaging and with a little humour. Here's the story behind the choice of name ... rooks are smart, wrens are small, but with a mighty voice - hence Rook & Wren. I like to say we're smart and small, with an ability to make your story heard loud and clear.  

Who's behind it?

That would be me - Amber Harrison. Nice to meet you. Having spent the last two and a half decades in the corporate world, I was keen to get back to a more personal approach - working side by side with businesses who are keen to understand more about responsible business. Now, more than ever, it's important for companies of all sizes to be able to show their commitment to good practices; that includes what they do, but also how, where and why they do it.

With over a dozen years experience in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, backed up by nearly three decades of communications experience, I've gathered a wealth of expertise and insights to share. My experience is truly global, having most recently worked for a technology and aviation company with operations across 130+ countries. But that doesn't mean the local aspect is missing - in fact, most of the programs I've delivered have a very local impact while contributing to the bigger issues. Engaging with communities and their needs - whether social, economic, educational or environmental - is a clear thread throughout my work and personal life. Here's a snapshot of some areas of expertise. 


I'm passionate about the things that matter to me, and am drawn to people and companies whose values fit my own; authenticity, compassion, curiosity, fairness, kindness, usefulness and honesty. 


As a Fellow of IEMA and a member of the Edie Sustainability Leaders Club I keep up to date with trends, insights and case studies. My practical knowledge is backed up with a Masters degree in Integrated Environmental Management, and a Masters in Marketing. And I've been a Chartered Manager for many years. Want to know more about my professional background? I'm on LinkedIn, or get in touch.

Why Rook & Wren?

Simply put, making a difference is what drives and excites me. I like working with people who want to make a change, do the right thing, and who care about the environment, communities, and people they engage with. It doesn't need to be a huge program - everything starts from an initial idea. I'm here to help you work out what matters to you, what your business is doing already, how it contributes to your longer term goals, and what your journey might look like. And of course, sharing your story, so everyone knows who you are and what you stand for.

We keep things straightforward. Less of the big presentations and fancy pitches and more time getting to know what's important to your business. We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get started, side by side and at your pace.

We're Rook & Wren.

We're Good. For Business.

If there ever was a person to get under the skin of a project, understand its innate value and extract the maximum engagement value, its Amber. I have been supporting her in the delivery of an impact-led climate action programme to ensure business flight emissions are net zero. But true to form, the depth of engagement regarding the portfolio of projects in Indonesia and India, is exceptional and excitable. A true sustainability hero, I look forward to continued collaboration.


Senior Manager

Natural Capital Partners

Amber has an infectious passion and commitment for what she does and her knowledge and expertise in CSR has taken the SITA foundation from strength to strength and delivered tangible impact across Africa creating access and opportunities for young people in IT.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Amber to help deliver these charitable programmes.

Senior Manager
Charities Aid Foundation

Amber's knowledge and passion combined with her strategic approach to CSR & sustainability projects makes her an inspiring leader while her clear communications and vision make delivering good results reguarly achievable.

She encourages collaboration and uses her network of contacts and partners to ensure projects get the very best inputs while sharing her knowledge and learnings across initiatives.


True Purpose

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